Random acts of arson

So as many of you already know there was a fire in our building mid March that destroyed the entryway to the studios of Amy Godard and Eric Navickas as well as the newly formed Ashland Painters Union. This is a real bummer because now along with several other Ashland businesses we have to clean things up, shift things around and hope things get fixed quick.

This whole thing is a lesson about uncertainty.

I can deal with this sort of uncertainty alright. A fire smoked out my studio and ruined some stuff. No problem. As for the other kind of uncertainty, that is more difficult to deal with. This kind is the life of the man who lit the fire, Raymond Lee Wilson. A homeless vet recently new to the area. I saw him on the stairwell a few days before the fire with his huge army duffel bag that apparently got stolen that day or the next. Another homeless man told me that the bag that was stolen had his meds in it. Ones that he needed obviously to keep him from random acts of violence or other sorts of unpleasantness. Now that is uncertainty.


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