MAda Shell Gallery and Ashland Painters Union

Eric and I enjoyed our Honeymoon in Mexico. We spent our time in colonial cities looking at as much art as we could and learning more about the Mexican Revolution. We also had a chance to get some big picture thinking done. We were sad to leave our new friends in Mexico and the yummy Mexican comida but alas, we looked forward to coming back and having a fresh start with some new ideas.

We have decided to shift our space around (once again) and make room for some other artists to have a go at running a gallery. Sarah F. Burns, Nikolai Klein and Eric Navickas have already signed on to the Ashland Painters Union, a collective gallery space. Their goal is to have clean, serious minded art shows where viewing art is the primary goal. I am excited to see what they come up with. Already I can see they all have different ideas in how they want to pull it off. Hopefully its distillation through the collective process with keep it top notch and not full of commercial crapola.

That said the MAda Shell will be moving into the back room where we will still be showing critical art. I had some ideas of turning it into a pop shop, but perhaps I will save that for a later date. For now we are sticking to the marrow and keeping it surreal.

Hope to see you First Friday in March!


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