There is something happening here….

What is is ain’t exactly clear.

Video: Mandy on the Street – Mt. Ashland Expansion |

Around 200 people take the streets of Ashland Oregon last Tuesday August 16th around 6 pm and not a word gets printed in the Ashland Daily Tidings. When called and asked why the protest was not covered, a Medford Mail Tribune receptionist said that folks gathering to protest in Ashland is such common place that they need not cover it.

Thank you Mandy for covering it.

There seems to be an unseen force at hand here in Ashland politics and it is not pretty.

It seems like the Ashland council, half of whom have been elected by the LAV PAC funded largely by members of the chamber of commerce, are more interested in the fleeting chance that cutting down old-growth will make them a few bucks. It is obvious where the council is going…

The mayor banged his gavel several times after concerned citizens went one second over their 3 min. and yelled “that is enough. your time is up! ” At least 30 folks signed up to speak out against the expansion. Councilor Silbiger also made disparaging looks and rolled his eyes as citizens spoke.

We will gather once again at city council chambers August 30th at 6pm and those of us who did not speak will get to have our chance.

Regardless or not if the council listens.


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