MAda Shell Gallery hosts “Protest Murals” by Mary Perry Stone And Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice Campaign for a Wobby Free Speech Monument First Friday May 6th.

From 5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. May 6th, 2011, the MAda Shell Gallery in Ashland, Oregon will feature the art work of social-protest artist, Mary Perry Stone. The exhibit entitled “Mary Perry Stone – Working For a Just World” and is being held in connection with a Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice campaign for a Wobbly Free Speech Memorial. Original work by Richard Van Wingerden (1893-1969) a member of the I.W.W. will be auctioned to support the campaign. Other events taking place on Ashland’s plaza plans to include authentic Wobbly soap box speeches performed by Scott Fife, Jay Mullen’s Wobbly Walk Through the Siskiyous, Mark Ross performing IWW songs & tales as well as Patrick Dodd performing original labor songs.

Mada Shell is located upstairs on the plaza at 27 1/2 N. Main in Ashland Oregon. For more info email

Mary Perry Stone Website
Southern Oregon Jobs With Justice

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