Penis Painter

The back door of my studio/gallery faces towards GTO way and I guess it is the perfect place for the penis painter.

The penis painter strikes again.

At first I was like “Is this some crazy tea partier who is trying to get back at Eric for his liberal ideas? Or is it someone making a statement about our current show ? ” I immediately painted over it concerned about it being offensive. Not to me, but to others. I mean the penis was fairly well rendered after all.

Later I found out that this penis painter is showing his work all over town.

Eric and I just watched a film that will be playing at the Ashland Indie film fest. It is called “Exit Through The Giftshop.” It comes highly recommended and tells the tale of Contemporary art, ALT art and street art. And has some great footage of Obey and Banksy and Swoon. Check it out if you can. It is playing Friday at 12 I think.

But you can watch it for free online.


One response to “Penis Painter

  1. Funny! Does he paint the town? Nice depiction too. Not up, not down. On the level!
    Signed, OTTO’s ghost writer.

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