Art as Protest

The “Exclusion Zone” proposed by Ashland’s City Council is a clear example of how not to address a community controversy and complicated social problem.
We are a community with a history of creative problem solving, outreach, collaborative thinking, and inclusion. Targeting the homeless, through tougher rules and heavier-handed enforcement is divisive, polarizing, simplistic, and an example of policy rooted in intolerance. We cannot beat the homeless into going home to their beds, we cannot beat chronic alcoholics into ending their addiction, and we cannot beat disenfranchised youth into putting on ties and finding jobs.
There are better solutions and we can find them but it is up to us as citizens to become engaged and speak out.

Please join our MARCH to demand inclusive solutions to homelessness and poverty on Tuesday, April 5 starting at 5:30 on the Ashland Plaza.

Art as Protest

Ashland's proposed Exclusionary zone is fascistic in nature.


Art as protest


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