A Visit from the Fire Inspector

Last night when I arrived at the gallery Eric had just washed the window that had said Puppet Theatre. He gave me a tragic look and said “it is over”. The Fire marshal had come by to inform us that our maximum occupancy is 5 people. They saw the flier and saw we were going to host some musicians and cracked down.
Needless to say we were bummed.

No more puppet shows and no more craft fairs. No more loud rock n roll.

After contemplating the fact that most Galleries go over their occupancy every First Friday, I came to the conclusion that they can not exclude us from hosting art events. As long as we are smart and well hung.

Mada Shell will only continue to host critical content art. Art that is not beauty, whimsical, kitch or merely for pleasure. Art that has critical content, art that makes you deeply aware of your own human condition. Art that is altered.

We will continue to work on puppets. But this time we want to take it to the streets and go more political. Also we are still working on the Bremen Town Musician puppets to take to schools.

Don’t forget in times like these you must be MAda Shell !


One response to “A Visit from the Fire Inspector

  1. Helga Motley

    OK, let’s do protest art instead of kitschy holiday gift shows! I’d love to find a venue to show my anti-consumerism sculptures this season. I was “rejected” i.e. censured from showing at the Ashland Art Center last Christmas in a show which I had “won” in a raffle. I could send you photos of several of them and would be inspired to make more if there was somewhere to show them. They are all small.

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