Saturday and Sunday @ Bizarre Bazaar Dec. 11th and 12th

Saturday December 11th and Sunday December 12th at the Bizarre Bazaar we will feature some wonderful musicians, with more lining up.

From 3-4 Matteo Geoly will be playing ambiant trance freeform guitar.

From 4-5 pm Laura Kemp will be playing folk music. This fine performer writes wonderful songs and just so happens to be Eric’s cousin.

From 5-6 is Anjali Altman with her now sound and original music, sets a great ambiance.

From 7-8 pm Aletha Nowtizky, who beams love sounds and loops her them into a polyrythmic sensation, will be our final performer of the evening.

Sunday December 12th
From 12-1pm we will feature John, who sings and plays good vibe music.

From 1-2 We will feature Elysabeth Grey, vocals and piano.

From 2-3 we will feature Dannon and Greg, percussion and fiddle.


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