First Friday July 2nd 5-9pm Catie Faryl

In a series of thirteen moon paintings, Artist and Writer Catie Faryl illuminates issues and questions about agriculture, species endangerment and human dependency on insects, bats, birds and other creatures to pollinate our crops and balance our world.

Catie Faryl
“Shrine to the Lost Pollinators”

In July of 2010 the MAda Shell Gallery hosted an exhibition of paintings by Catie Faryl titled “Shrine to the Lost Pollinators”. This series consists of 13 small panels (representing the 13 moons of the year) as well as 4 large panels including “Summer of Dark Science”. On first viewing the work you may notice her use of color, spontaneous line, and icon. But as you look deeper you will also see work that explores difficult themes of Global Climate Change, GMO’s, and loss of agriculture.

Catie Faryl is known for being and activist and a politician often bold in her assertions. As an artist she as the ability to use color contrast to compliment the dark issues at hand. Her often whimsical and beautiful paintings are actually telling a stark story. Loss of instincts and loss of nature are reoccurring themes. In an artist statement for her painting titled “Tongues in Trees” Catie writes “Artists are the tongues in trees, the eyes and the ears and voices that are telling people to wake up and see what is being lost.”


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